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It is used to share news and photos of exhibitions, but above all, to present art works of guests to Contact here or via to get further information on guest artists or their works.

Next Exhibitions


Oct. 7th, 2016:    Vernissage  TREFF : PUNKT : KONTRAST  at  The Art Gallery Vienna

                               Paintings and photography by Kurt Matauschek and Martin Husz.


                               Performance by Verena Steiner

                               Laudatio by Prof. Ulrich Gansert


                               Free exhibition  of all works till Oct., 28th, 2016


Sep. 10th, 2016: Updated


Jun. 10th, 2016: Finissage  of Project "5x13" at Ehemalige Zuckerlfabrik.


May 24th, 2016: Reading with Gerhard Paschinger and Ulli Greifeneder at Ehemalige                                              Zuckerlfabrik.


May 13th, 2016:  Vernissage of Project "5x13" at Ehemalige Zuckerlfabrik.


Apr. 20th.,2016:  New paintings, a new drawing and a brand new video at


Jan. 14th, 2016:  The exhibition at St.Art and Damani has been prolonged until beginning of                                     March.


Nov. 5th., 2015:  20 jears start4art ! The event will be celebrated with an exhibition including                                   free buffet and a welcome drink.


June 1st., 2015:  Photos of series "White Eyes" added at


May 7th., 2015:   Vernissage "White Eyes" at St.Art.


Apr. 14th., 2015: New dates, portraits and drawings uploaded at


Dec. 14th., 2014: Exhibition "Gazing Masks" has ended with a finissage yesterday.

                                Some of the paintings can be seen at


Aug. 11th., 2014: Preceding her next exhibition Trojaner in Paradise on

                                Sept. 1st., 2014, at the Ehemalige Zuckerlfabrik, Hägeling.7, 1140,

                                acknowledged writer and painter


                                 Ulli Klepalski


                                 has accepted to publish some of her paintings in or guest folder.

                                 Have a look!


July 3rd., 2014:     Vernissage of Martin Husz's new cycle Mirror Light at St.Art.

                                 See photos of the event in the party folder.


                                 The new paintings may be seen online at


June 12th., 2014:  Exhibiton Divergent Paths on Mai, 31st., 2014, has been well

                                 attended and resulted in a fine party. See photos in the party folder.


                                 Thanks to Evelyn and Bernie we could also enjoy a reading of 

                                 Bernd Höfer from his funny new book "Ein Haus voller Narren:

                                 Unter Künstlern, Gaunern und Migranten" about the scene at

                                 Yppen Place in Vienna on June, 6th., 2014. 


                                 The exhibition is still to be seen with prior reservation at

                                 Ehemalige Zuckerlfabrik, Hägelingasse 7, 1140 Vienna.

                                 Rooms also open on following occasions:


                                 July 12th., 2014, 19:00h

                                 July 15th., 2014, 20:00h (+ funny reading "Groschenheftgrauen")

                                 July 18th., 2014, 18:00h  (webbrain Sommerfest)


                                 Ehemalige Zuckerlfabrik (Garden Entrance) 

                                 Hägelingasse 7, 1140 Wien


May 1st., 2014:     New works and dates at 


Apr. 23rd., 2014:  Good things come to those who wait: Painter, teacher, architect


                                 Claudia Geil


                                 upgraded this guest page with four of her works. Have a look!


Apr. 7th., 2014:     We feel honoured to present six paintings of

                                 higly sophisticated  guest artist


                                 Brigitte Spanblöchel-Glass


Mar. 23rd., 2014:  Three paintings of a pulsating new guest artist added:


                                 Ester Wanker


Feb. 21st., 2014:  New opening of the guest folder. We proudly present:


                                 Margit Schmidt


Feb. 17th., 2014:   All works of Martin Husz moved to